Isn't it nice when we're heading into a store or restaurant, and the person in front of us holds the door open for us? It's a small moment of kindness, of friendliness, among strangers. It makes us smile, say, "Thanks," and then what do we do next? We turn around and do the same for the person behind us. We pass the kindness along. It not only makes that person feel good, but we get an extra shot of a feeling of goodwill. And who doesn't need that?
The Holding the Door Open program is my way of passing the kindness along when readers buy my debut novel, Christmas In Whimsy. 1% of sales from Christmas In Whimsy purchased one of three ways benefits the causes listed below. These causes may change occasionally to promote all the amazing work people are doing across the country to help those in need.

*The Holding the Door Open program is currently on hiatus, but please read on to learn more about these wonderful organizations, and please consider contributing to them directly through their web sites.
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Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
funds research for treatment and hopefully one day a cure for dystonia, a neurological disorder that causes, among other things, extremely painful involuntary muscle contractions ranging from mild to severe. DMRF also supports the dystonia community and families with myriad events and support groups.
Bivona Child Advocacy Center
in Rochester, New York, partners with law enforcement, health services, non-profits, and private agencies under one safe roof to support children who have suffered abuse. in addition to helping children escape and heal from dangerous situations, Bivona specializes in awareness of abuse through programs, events, and education.

Spondylitis Association of America
focuses on research and advocacy for those afflicted with this inflammatory disease of the spine, joints, eyes, and other areas of the body. treatment varies widely among individuals. along with fundraising to find a cure, SAA offers seminars, message boards, and connection so that those suffering can learn from and help one another.
Downtown Women's Center
and Housing Works
both based in Los Angeles, focus on the successful "Housing First" model for helping people into homes. as of December, 2018, California is the state with the highest homeless population, at a whopping 68.9%. these programs offer immediate permanent housing to those who are unsheltered, helping them better focus on finding employment, conquering substance abuse, and being productive members of the community.
Teach For America
fills the gaping holes in the nation's public school system, by recruiting and training teachers who are placed for a minimum of two years in schools where children are struggling the most. these "corps members" take leadership roles in the classroom and in the surrounding community to foster long-term, sustainable connections that begin with excellence in education.
Redhawk Native American Arts Council
opens the door to the rich heritage, contemporary culture, and arts of Native peoples from North, South, and Central America, the Caribbean, and Polynesia. From workshops and festivals to scholarships and venues to showcase Native artists, Redhawk funds vital and enriching experiences that help educate, break stereotypes, and illuminate the beauty of Native cultures.
Open Door Mission
a Rochester, New York, agency providing food, shelter, and clothing to the area's homeless population. the organization works tirelessly to help those struggling with addiction, dangerous domestic situations, and emergency crises.

Native American Heritage Association
is dedicated to providing food, heating assistance, clothing, and other needs facing the impoverished Native American populations on Reservations in South Dakota, where some of the highest instances of homelessness among native peoples occur.