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Christmas In Whimsy
a novel

Welcome to Whimsy, a mystical town where legend comes to life at Christmas. It’s said the Spirit of Whimsy appears this time of year to grant your deepest wish. Some say she’s an angel, some say she’s pure energy. For Lexie, Robin, and Margot, she’s their last hope.

Lexie Moore, hotshot reporter, works hard to successfully juggle all the pins in her life. But when her job is threatened and her relationship starts to crumble, the pins come crashing down around her. Robin Russell, aspiring actress and sales clerk at the Holiday Hutch, is barely surviving paycheck to paycheck when a rent hike bulldozes her dreams, and she has no idea what’s next. Margot Kobeleski, widow and single mom, still sees the ghost of her late husband, even as she’s drawn to a new man in her life. If she’s living in the past, will she miss her chance at a happy future? As the women embark on their Christmas adventures, their lives intersect in ways that may end up helping them all…or making life all that more complicated.

Christmas bells are ringing, and time’s running out for these three women to find the answers they need. For when the holiday is over, any magic the Spirit of Whimsy can offer will melt away.
Sketches from the Café Confictura
an online serial

Café Confictura is one of the few businesses in town that survived the massive and mysterious quake of December 12 in Applewood, Connecticut. The moment you walk inside the café, and the bell over the door chirps hello, it seems like you’ve entered exactly what television has taught us to expect from a coffeehouse. There’s a big front window that lets in plenty of light during the day and reflects the interior’s warm amber glow at night. There are ice cream shop tables and banquette booths and plush chairs with arms always extended for you to sink into. There’s the owner, Mrs. Creaverton, and her cashier, Violet, and their team of assistants and baristas who love to whip up your favorite pumpkin-butterscotch latte or peach tea, and then pick up where you left off on whatever conversation you had with them last time you were in.

What’s different from the cozy TV shows, though, are the ghosts, who have been getting a little more murderous. And the suspect agenda of the bakery owner, Nessie. And the lovelorn Roscoe, who pines away for Mrs. Creaverton. And the strange happenings that all seem to be fallout from that inexplicable quake. Oh, and let’s not forget the secret tunnels.
Pollyanna's Library
a blog
This blog is on a mission to discover and rediscover great stories--be they in the form of books, TV shows, or movies--and share them with you. Here you'll find ideas for what to watch or read tonight, entertainment that makes you laugh, or think, or feel inspired. Some of the posts are about silly comedies you can take with a grain of salt, or dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat. There are new gems, old favorites, and where you can access them today. So come on in--the Library's open!