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It’s Always the Season for Whimsy

Looking for your next read? Here’s what readers are saying about Christmas In Whimsy, the novel about a mystical town where legend comes to life at the holidays:

I can attest that Christmas In Whimsy is totally fulfilling. Kept me in suspense until literally the last pages.”

“I loved that the characters were diverse and down to earth. I’m truly hoping for a sequel!”

“A must-read at the holidays, or anytime that you may want to ‘feel good.'”

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A Little Intrigue with Your Coffee?

Strange small town? Check. Characters who run the gamut from wacky to lovable to sinister? Check. Coffee? Oh, most definitely.

The odd happenings of Applewood, Connecticut, are chronicled in the online serial Sketches from the Café Confictura. In Episode 2, “Cashew Chicken...with a Twist,” café owner Phillipa Creaverton faces a potential setback in her treatment program. With help from her friends and a new, young doctor, she may get over this hurtle just in time to confront the forces in town conspiring against her.

Bonus: Check out the new "To-Go" recipe following the post!

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Pollyanna's Library Travels to Our Favorite Zipcode...Again!

Pollyanna's Library is a blog that offers ideas about what to read or watch tonight. With so much great new and old entertainment available at the click of a button (or lots of unnecessary clicks of buttons, if you're like me with remotes and laptops), fun books, movies, and TV shows are easier to access than ever before.

The post "Ten Seasons, Ten Reasons" explores just why a certain Gen X classic TV show stands the test of time and makes for splashy, silly, utterly fun, and even sometimes-poignant viewing that will have you craving Mega Burgers and singing “I Adore Mi Amore.” Part 2 of this post doubles down on just why this series still makes for great viewing even thirty years after its premiere.

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